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For file separation, cracked tooth, severely infected canal, c-shaped canal retreatment, internal resorption and apical perforation cases. 

How to use?

Kindly see our product introduction page.


If you do not feel sticky, use paper point.

*Caution: when you use Compactor, DO NOT PUSH HARD.  Compaction force will induce the root fracture. Gentle plugging is required.

Reason for doing total canal filling?

1. No expansion.  

2.  Sealability.  

3. Easy removal.  

4. 10 years long term outcomes.


Differences with other MTAs?

OrthoMTA is Bioceramic, other MTAs are Portland Cement based.
1. No expansion.  

2. No heavy metal.  

3. Retrievability.

OrthoMTA removal after it has set?

After it has set, the compressive strength is 35MPa. A long neck round bur and MTA removal kit can be used. 

Apical Stop formation and easier handling method? 

1. Carrying enough amount of OrthoMTA.  

2. Condensing with a plugger.
3. Keeping patency using #25 H-file.              

4. Gentle up & down motion using OrthoMTA Compactor.


High radio-opacity means an overdose of radio-opacifier. This is a cause of microleakage. OrthoMTA has only 25% of radio-opacifier. 

Effect on cracked tooth?

1. Pain relief through anti-inflammatory effect.
2. Anti-bacterial effect by high initial PH (12.5) & bacterial entombment through CSH/CDHA formation.

Enlargement and Irrigation?

1. Do not use EDTA paste which will hinder the chemical setting of MTA.
2. Use 03 taper #30 for final enlargement.
3. Bioenlargement Kit is recommended.
1. Do not use EDTA.
2. Do not irrigate for a long time with NaOCL and do not use high % of NaOCL. This will weaken the root dentine.
3. Bioirrigation Kit is recommended.       

It will not induce any pain or discomfort.
OrthoMTA is a bioceramic material.

Over Filling?




1. Vital pulp therapy.
2. Canal grafting for anterior teeth.

How to use?

Kindly see our product introduction page.


If it is too watery, gently press with a dry cotton pellet.
If it is too powdery, gently press with a wet cotton pellet.


*Caution: Do not add compaction force since it may induce pulp necrosis. Gentle action using moist cotton pellet is enough for the creation of base. 

Differences with other MTAs?

1. No discoloration.
2. Fast setting within 3 minutes.
3. Bioceramic material.    

Setting time and compressive strength?

1. Initial setting time : 3 minutes.
2. Compressivestrength : 104 MPa after 1 day. 

Direct pulp capping?

1. Minimum 1.5 mm thickness of RetroMTA is recommanded.
2. After 5mm, apply glass ionomer or hybrid type resin base. 

Used for root canal filling material?

1. Anterior teeth for aesthetic purposes.
2. Open apex treatment.
  *Open apex : Immature teeth.
                          Apical resorption by apical lesion.
                          Over instrumentation.
                          Caused by root tip resorption. 


1. Partial pulpotomy: Young permanent teeth.
2. Pulpotomy: Deciduous teeth.
                    Young & adult permanent teeth. 

Safe extraction of 3rd molar?

1. Coronectomy above CEJ.
2. Pulpotomy with RetroMTA.
3. Gause packing & biting for 5 minutes.
4. Simple extraction after 3 months. 

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