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Biofilling Starter Kit 

OrthoMTA - Canal Obturation

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Biofilling Starter Kit includes (4)OrthoMTA 0.2g vials (1) OrthoMTA Carrier, (1) Plugger (OMP-04), (2) Compactor 21mm, (2) Compactor 25mm, (1) Plunger 18g, (1) Plunger 16g (1), (2) Disposable needle tip 18g , (1) Disposable needle tip 16g, (1) H-file, (1) Bender, (2) Distilled water, (3) Cotton buds, (3) Resin blocks, Paper point

What is Biofilling 

OrthoMTA is an orthograde root canal filling material that was synthesized by mineral trioxide aggregate's active ingredient through Bio-ceramic manufacturing process. It was formulated to meet the ideal requirements of root canal filling material necessary for a clinically effective root canal treatment on cases of file separation, cracked tooth, severely infected canal, and treatment of acute apical abscess.


OrthoMTA is a root canal filling material that is proven for remarkable long-term clinical success rate. 

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